Thursday, 26 April 2012

Great Sign.

A selection of flavours on a wonderful sign at the Farmers Market Los Angeles.

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  1. Kim, I bet Jason P Buckle hasn't forwarded you my email, and so I've had to resort to stalking you via Google. It's his fault.

    This is the Oxford Food Symposium thing I was talking about:

    My idea is to do a kind of 'Psycho-Geographic Self Portrait Food Map of Stuffed and Wrapped Foods' (i.e. using 'the pasty' as a place to begin a conversation about the City, the Self, and Life in General (I've got a book of 448 life topics from Theodore's book 'An Intimate History of Humanity') But I haven't got round to it yet.

    My feeling is that to take your blog to the next level it would need to get a bit more outro and intro spective, ok. The pasty as an entry point into the mind, soul, heart, brain, foot etc.

    The amazing Missing Gold can be found at

    Is JC at all interested in the relations between the French and English? Theodore is holding a reception tomorrow night, Thurs, at the French Ambassador's House on Kensington Palace Road, it' some project about the relations between French and English in London. He's done stuff with Eurostar and the French President.


    John (from Shoreditch)