Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Guiness Stew with boiled potatoes why bother looking at the menu?
Ashes Bar.Main Street,Dingle 00353 66 9150989.

A private nook at Dick Macks. I think you can guess we really loved this place.
Dick Macks.Dingle.

Dick Macks was an old shoe menders nothing has changed except they do not repair shoes.
Dick Macks. Dingle.

2 Jamesons please at 11am on a Saturday morning at Dick Macks ... why not we were in Dingle.
Dick Macks Dingle.

A lonely kipper...perfection.
Benners Hotel. See post below for details.

Smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs with home made toasted soda bread. I have never tasted smoked salmon before like this.
It was the real deal.
Benners Hotel,Dingle,County Kerry,Ireland. 00353 66915 1638

Yes a landscape with no food. This is the beach outside of Dingle Bay County Kerry Ireland.
One of the most beautiful and uplifting places i have been to also home to Fungie the Dolphin who has lived there for 20 years.
Hence the reason for our visit. Candy and i have been dreaming of meeting Fungie for the past 3 years. Our wish was answered and we were very happy to discover some of the most memorable watering holes and restaurants. This is truly a special place.

Its that wonderful time of year...stew time my favourite food.
After a phone call from Miss England and an offer of her signature dish 'newcastle brown ale casserole' i jumped in the car and braved the rush hour traffic from West to East and hand on heart there were no regrets. Actually there was one.. i forgot to ask her how she cooks
her bakers they are always perfection!

After eating the patties i had to go back to try the jerk chicken, rice and peas delicious....thank you man from Rummanco.

We opted for the super mega tasty sweet potato and chili patties.

November 24th Primrose Hill Street Fair. Freezing beyond belief. Standing at the stall from 9am.
Of course Nadia knew of the man to save us. The man from Rummanco the master of West Indian Take Away.