Saturday, 26 May 2012

A Mango Fruit desert at Roca in a meringue shell with a stick of vanilla ice cream. Roca.
This is a tempura tuna roll. It was quite something. A make roll fried in tempura. Even though the main attraction at Roca is their amazing grill the sushi is delectable and different. Roca.37 Charlotte Street,London W1T 1RR. 0207 580 6464.
Chocolate and Green Tea Sorbet.Out of this world. Kinugawa.
Black Cod. Kinugawa.


Seaweed Salad and Miso Soup. Beautiful delicate Japanese. Only thing that let it down was the jazz music, a very strange choice in such a wonderful traditional restaurant. Kinugawa.9 Rue du Mont Thabor,75001 Paris.0033142606507.

Iles Flottante.

A very delicate Illes Flottante. Le Coq Rico.Paris.

A Millefeuille Masterpiece.

Chocolate Millefeuille. Le Coq Rico.Paris.
So Simple but so delicious.Green salad with shallots. Le Coq Rico.Paris.
The delectable Chicken. Le Coq Rico.Paris.
Lightly boiled egg with fish eggs. Sublime. Le Coq Rico.Paris.

Best Bird In Town.

Le Coq Rico in Paris is a wonderful treat. I have never seen chickens handled with such love and passion. The secret of the cooking is they boil the chicken first to make it tender before they are cooked in a rotisserie . Please do not go if you do not eat chicken its all they serve. Le Coq Rico,98 Rue Lepic,75018 Paris.France.

So Simple.

Mozzarella,Tomato and Avocado salad with heaps of fresh basil. Olive oil and balsamic.

Just Showing Off.

This is a chocolate cake i made for saskias birthday. Its a Jamie Oliver recipe and it never fails to impress. It has raspberries and cream in the middle and a wonderful icing glaze and its dead easy to make.

Lucky Lucky Seven.

Albert and I in need of a Burger Fix headed down to Lucky Seven. We had bacon cheeseburgers, fries and chocolate milkshakes. Still the real deal. Lucky Seven.127 Westbourne Park Road,London W2 5QL.

Lunch with Lizzie.

I had the Cheese board. The Fromagerie.

Lunch with Lizzie.

Back at the Fromagerie Marylebone with sweet Lizzie. She took the Pea and Ham Soup. The Fromagerie.2/6 Moxon Street,London W1U 4EW
We had Pumpkin, Chicken in Yoghurt and Lamb and Spinach. Just writing about it makes my mouth water. I think i will have to go tonight. Afghan Kitchen.

Afghan Kitchen.

This tiny restaurant is one of my favourite places to eat. The food is so good that i actually have afghan kitchen cravings at least twice a month. There are only a handful of dishes to choose from and the menu never changes but thats the best thing about it."It it works why fix it". You may have to wait but its so worth it. The Afghan Kitchen.35 Islington Green,London N1 8DU.
Beetroot Marble Cake at Franze & Evans.

Franze and Evans.

When in Spitalfields with my foody friend Jason we popped into Franze and Evans for our afternoon sugar fix. The cakes were quite something. These are lemon yoghurt cakes. Franze and Evans. 101 Redchurch Street,London.
Here was our complimentary pastry selection as presented. I love the no attention to detail. Maroush.


I have never understood why there are about 10 Maroush Lebanese restaurants in Edgware Road. They all have different environments so I suppose you take your pick depending what mood you are in. The food is excellent in each of them and because they are always busy you know the ingredients are always fresh. Go take your pick.