Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tomato Vongole whilst in Dorset.

Fry garlic and fresh chili in a generous amount of olive oil. Add handfuls of fresh tomatoes and reduce.
Add a large glass of white wine add your clams. Cook until they open add a handful of fresh parsley and serve over a bowl of steaming spaghetti.

Miss Englands Dish On Arrival.

Spectacular a perfect combination. A beautiful piece of halibut on a bed of peas,shallots lettuce and cream. Eaten looking at the sun dip behind the sea. Heaven.

The Fountain restaurant at Fortnum and Mason

I resisted the Speciality dish of Welsh Rarebit and took the kedgeree. I was very happy. Light and faultlessly put took together I think it will be hard to go back.
Fortnum and Mason Picadilly.

The Signature Cake

Here they are those wonderful warm custard tarts all unevenly baked with loving care. (There you go Paul Hollywood of the British Bake off things don't have to be perfect.)
Maids Of Honour.

Sweet Lord

Everyone falls in love with the Maids of Honour a typical English Tea House that has been in business for 120 years. Not much has changed. It is worth the journey to Kew and is positioned 5 minutes from the main entrance of the wonderful Kew Gardens. Here are a couple of pastries from a huge selection.
Also on offer are home baked meat pies and daily roasts.
Maids Of Honour.288 Kew Road,Richmond TW9 3DU.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Somewhere in South Tirol

I had to have kaisershmarm its a kin of pancake with raisins in it served in pieces with a compote and ice cream on request.

Somewhere in South Tirol.

I had wild mushrooms with Tagliatelle.

When Up a Mountain.

Always best to eat a lot especially when you have decided to take the 5 hour walk back down.
Polenta,Potatoes,Eggs and Ham!!!!!

Faloria Christallo.

I did make a decision to have time off from blogging whilst on vacation and also to give my boyfriend a chance to eat his food before it has been photographed but could i deprive you of this. I would have to say i think this restaurant gets my no 1 ever for view whilst eating.
Faloria Christallo. Cortina Italy.

3rd Course.

Can you see the perfection of this tiramisu. Its all about the texture for me and getting the balance right of the sponge and marscapone right.
Trattoria Alla Madonna.

2nd Course

On returning from my Italian road trip, someone asked what was the best plate you had whilst away and i had to say this one. Grilled red mullet. Sometimes it is about the simpler things in life.
Trattoria Alla Madonna. Venice.

Trattoria Alla Madonna.

Thank Goodness. The true disappointment of the summer closure of my favourite restaurant in Venice was pacified thanks to the discovery of this wonderful Trattoria. We actually ate there 3 nights out of four and were welcomed each time as though we had been going since it opened. Simple Clams steamed in wine and garlic.
Trattoria Alla Madonna Venice.

Porridge at the Nordic.

It was a new discovery I thought it was all about the cinnamon rolls but no welcome to the porridge with fruit compote.
nordic bakery.Golden Square/New Cavendish Street/Dorset Street London.

Friday, 5 July 2013

the savoury option.

Mushrooms on toasted brioche. The perfect start to a saturday morning.
The Bush Hall Dining Rooms.

The Bush Hall Dining Rooms.

Just opened in the uxbridge road next to the Bush Hall is the Bush Hall Dining Rooms. A good wholesome menu full of classics there is something in there for everyone. Visit one only consisted of breakfast which i can highly recommend. Here is the muesli presentation. The sweet Option.
The Bush Hall Dining Rooms. 304 Uxbridge Road,London W12. 44208 749 0731.

Eggs and Chips.

No Explanation needed on this.

Super quick Carbonara.

Whilst the spaghetti is cooking fry some chopped bacon. In a bowl mix 2 egg yolks,single cream,heaps of finely grated parmesan and lots of black pepper. When the pasta is done pour the sauce over the pasta add the bacon bits mix well and serve immediately.

Tommis unbelievable French Toast.

This a piece of dark organic rye bread soaked in egg,milk and fresh cinnamon then fried in butter.
Add slices of banana from the garden and drizzle with raw honey.

If You didn't want the Patacones.

You could have the freshly caught fish with rice and salad.


These are fried green plantains served with Guacamole,Salsa and black beans. With Hot sauce of course. This was taken in a restaurant on the side of the road opposite the beach at the bottom of Santiago Hills Costa Rica. Worth going all that way for.

Wonderful James Kelly

Perfectly cooked filet of beef with red quinoa. Wild rocket with a sherry vinaigrette and fresh sliced jalapeƱos . Not bad for a casual meal at home with the family.

Genius...Baked Eggs.

Baked Eggs with tomato sauce and parmesan with a perfectly ripe quarter of avocado served in hot skillet. For Breakfast at the bowery hotel.
The bowery Hotel.335 Bowery.NYC.


If anyone is passing Fabrique in Stockholm could you please bring me some of this black rye bread.
I have even been tempted to Fed Ex it!!!!!!!!

Sweet Lord

I realised on walking past this bakery that I had no will power i had to turn round and go back and try one of this delectable sticky buns. Just for the sake of the blog of course.
Fabrique.Scheelegatan 6,Stockholm.

Meatballs in Stockholm.

Apologies. I arrived late, I was very very hungary, I ran into the first place that looked good. I ate this delectable meal of meatballs with pickled cucumber fresh loganberries, creamed potatoes and.....never looked where i was eating. This dish is not hard to find in Sweden but hopefully you will find this very place. Good luck on your treasure hunt.

Im back with Ice Cream.

This is a selection of ice creams tasted at the River Cafe. The burnt caramel wins every time for me.
The river cafe,Thames Wharf Road,W6 9HA. Tel No 44207 386 4200

Sunday, 19 May 2013

This is a just because I love this picture moment and this is how a lettuce should look. One of the many delicious vegetables on offer at La Fromagerie.

The Charcouterie Plate.

It has Duck Rillette, It has celeriac and a selection of delicious hams and salamis and of course some cornichons. Back at La Fromagerie for a pre party snack with the wonderful Miranda Joyce.
La Fromagerie,2-6 Moxon Street,London W1U 4EW.

Bee Yond.

This is my Breakfast on Friday.
Blackberry Broche with a light custard. It was so light i didn't even feel it if that makes sense at all or maybe it was a magical dream??
5A Burlington Gds,London W1S 3EP.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Little bit of Pan De Mania.

Pan De Mania.

If you see Pan De Mania at a festival please go and say you read it first here. The Pizzas were superb. A wafer thin crust and very interesting toppings including caramelised onions and walnuts.

Kimms Pimms

This is my stall that i ran at a local Folk Festival. I could not resist showing you this picture. The profits went to Charity and the rain and gail force winds did not stop people buying. Apparently they are quite warming after a few!!!

Baked Salmon and Basil Mayonnaise.

I used a side of Salmon which i wrapped in foil with a splash of olive oil, a splash of white wine lemon juice and sea salt. Bake for 20 minutes in a medium oven. Mix some ready made mayonnaise fresh if possible with a large handful of finely chopped basil some olive oil and lemon juice. Serve with big bunches of watercress and wedges of lemon.

This is a tap....

that was on the counter at Tap and Packed coffee shop. The glass was frozen when it was handed to me. This is attention to detail and made me smile. Tap and Packed is a great spot to drink delicious coffee with great staff who treat coffee making with the respect it deserves and they do great cakes too. Tap and Packed. 114 Tottenham Court Road,London W1T 5AH.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bacon and Tomato on toast with a basil mayonnaise. The Tin Shed.

Back In The Tin.

This is another perfect picture opportunity but also a perfect flat. The Tin Shed.33a All Saints Road,London W11 1HE.

The Vol au Vent.

Perfect mini Vol au vents painstakingly made by the team at Cafe Rive Gauche. Cafe Rive Gauche.21 Warren Street,London W1T 5LT.


Sweet Miso and brown rice Porridge with Mango and Yoghurt. Granger.

Oh No....Not Granger.

Yes it is Grainger and I swore I would never walk through their doors again as they do win the prize for the rudest staff in London but they do such a good breakfast that if you are feeling strong enough you might as well just try one more time. Granger.175 Westbourne Grove,London W11 2SB.


I am sorry that this is appearing yet again but their cakes just make such a great photo and it is nearly impossible to walk past and not go in for just a little something on your way home. Princi.135 wardour Street,London W1F OUT.

Bone Daddies.

Black Sesame Ice Cream as if things could not get any better.

Bone Daddies.

This is a taste sensation. This was the best lunch I have had out in a long time. This is a great place with great people great music and a great menu. The only way to truly understand the beauty of this dish is to go. It the Tantamen 2. Bone daddies. 31 Peter Street,London W1F OAF.

The Best Thing Ever.

This is a mango splitter. This was introduced to me by my friend Sam and I am passing it onto you. Pure Genius from Laleland. Go on line order one now and why not buy a banana bag why you are at it.

My Asparagus and Spinach Rissotto.

Fry a red onion in olive oil with some garlic. Add the rice depending on how many you are serving. Add a glass of white wine and keep stirring. Then add vegetable stock and some more white wine until the rice is cooked. Add seasoning and cut up some asparagus into small pieces. Add the asparagus and some handfuls of fresh spinach. Keep stirring. Then when the asparagus is cooked turn off the heat add a few knobs of butter juice of a lemon and some parmesan. Leave for 2 minutes and serve.

A Perfect Warm Bakewell Tart.

No more words needed. It was cooked for me and i have been dreaming about it ever since.

Living It Large.

This is a cocktail trolley. All you have to o between 7pm and 9pm is call a number and the bar man comes and makes you a cocktail in your room. Just to get you in the mood for your night out in Miami. The Soho House. Miami Beach.

Koya Cont.

Oops just realised no noodle pictures....Koya specialises in Udon dishes but has exotic daily specials and also this wonderful offering of tempura on rice.


Thank you Noodle for introducing to me this place. I am now annoyingly hooked. Yes annoyingly because the maitre d is so annoying. You cannot book hence the long queue which I think brings huge amounts of entertainment to him as you are kept waiting even though their are often numerous amounts of empty seats. You do not say anything as the gift awaiting is so overwhelmingly good that once inside the stress of the outside experience melts away. This is the house salad with a dressing that is addictive and pickled beetroot. Koya 49 Frith Street,London W1D 4SG.

The Tin Shed.

One of my new favourite new places. The Tin Shed is a Bistro and Bakery. The lovely Laura will talk you through the dishes and baked offerings all made in the kitchen downstairs. What a delight and to me a necessity to eat fresh sumptuous food where no corners have been cut on ingredients no microwaves can be detected and the cooking has been done with love and passion. The Tin Shed.33a All Saints Road,W11 1HE.

Kerbisher and Malt.

Horaay a great fish and Chip restaurant in Shepherds Bush. All the fish is sustainable it is cooked to order so nothing sits around and the all other ingredients are sourced locally. There is a large communal table and the atmosphere is lively and friendly. Take away or Eat In but avoid the rush hour. Kirbisher and Malt.164 Shepherds Bush Road,London W6.