Thursday, 20 December 2012

Pancake with Honey. Adams Cafe.
Moroccan Fish Stew. Adams Cafe.

Adams Cafe

Back at Adams Cafe moroccan by night greasy spoon by day. The jewel of W12. Luckily we ate in the back room where the light was a little better so could take pictures. Here are the little starters that are complimentary. The most wonderful tiny meatballs and pickled vegetables. Adams Cafe.77 Askew Road,W12 9AH. 44208 743 0572

Swiss chard with sprouted walnuts and tahini sauce.

Lacto fermented cabbage,ramson and carrot salad with anis seeds,chives and lemon.

Curried quinoa with leeks mushroom and parsley.
Cavolo Nero with Sweet Potato mash,beluga lentils and tomato sauce.

I was lucky enough to have delivered for 3 days all my daily meals from Rocchus. It was an eating experience that if possible everyone should gift themselves. Log on to their site and ask to be told when they are next doing the weekly cleanse. You will never ever regret it. Just please let me know what you thought. I say no more. "Our passion is to extract the nutritional wealth of living foods by means of cooking juicing and sprouting methods".

Monday, 10 December 2012

My quickest Pasta Ever.

Cherry tomatoes/red chile either fresh or flakes/olive oil/whole wheat pasta/parmesan. Fry the chile in the oil then add the tomatoes till a little squidgy. Mix in the pasta and add a bit more oil and a generous handful of parmesan. Id say 9 minutes start to finish. Enjoy. .

The Chocolate Cream Pie.

With hot chocolate sauce. The Electric.Portobello Road,W11.

The Newly refurbished electric.

I was never a huge fan of the electric but i suppose you know what you are going to get and its always quite tasty.So here we go. Manager lovely. Food arrived 3 minutes after the order was taken.(never a good sign for me). Music too loud speakers by every table. Burger and chicken delicious. Chips Excellent. Vegetable sides disappointing. Desert Exceptional. The Electric. Portobello Road. W11.

Totally Royale

This was cooked perfectly and so photogenic i had to give it a post. The Wolseley.190 Picadilly,W1J 9EB. 44207 499 6946

Jamies Balsamic baked Onions and Potatoes

These are the perfect match with chicken/lamb/pork/beef or they are so delicious i would eat them on their own. The amount of balsamic used is quite worrying but just trust in me you will wish you had made double. 1.5kg Potatoes peeled and quartered and boiled for 8 minutes.salt,pepper,olive oil,200g butter,fresh rosemary,1 whole garlic bulb,5 red onions and 350ml balsamic. (keep it cheap). Roast on in a 200c oven for 1 hour.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Butternut squash and Broccoli Soup.

Fry some onions and garlic in olive oil. Add the chopped up butternut squash and broccoli vegetable stock salt and pepper and simmer till vegetables are soft. Blend with a hand blender. I added some faro I had left over and a glug of olive oil.

Spaghetti with bacon and Parmesan.

Make a classic tomato sauce. See aubergine Faro recipe but fry some small pieces of bacon in a separate pan. Add to the sauce and when serving sprinkle very generously with parmesan and extra olive oil.

Chocolates With Lil

Hand made truffles with a coffee. Why ever not! Sotherbys Cafe.

Lunch with Lil.

I think I am revisiting the ultimate club sandwich. Lobster and Bacon with toasted Brioche. There is only a quarter photographed as i had already rated the rest. Sotherbys cafe is tiny you have to book and i am being totally honest you have to book the sandwich otherwise they run out. The Sotherbys Cafe,34/35 Bond Street,London W1A 2AA 0207 293 5077

Faro and Aubergine.

I love Faro. Its not that easy to come by but specialist Italian Delis will always have it even if hidden behind the counter. Its nutty texture is delicious and its very good for you. Fry chopped up Aubergine in olive oil with an onion and garlic. Add tinned tomatoes, puree a glug of red wine and cook slowly until sauce reduces. Boil the faro. When cooked add the sauce to your faro. I added some kale that i had left in the fridge but a few good handfuls of fresh spinach would be a fantastic alternative.

Sweet Banana Cake

There is a brazilian cafe near my workplace and its run by all women. I love that and i love them they are always happy and smiling and all day there friends and family are stopping by. You may have to wait till they have had their catch ups but its worth a visit if you are in the area. cafe Rio,66 Grafton Way,London W1.

The Lidgates Pies.

I have never blogged a ready brought Pie but it truly is the season to do so. When entertaining with no time call up lidgates and order a pie or two. Always a winner on a cold crispy night and the funny thing is you don't have to say you made them. Be proud they are lidgates be open about it and all your guests will be very happy. These two are boeuf bourguinon and chicken and asparagus. Lidgates,110 Holland Park Ave,London W11 4UA. 0207 727 8248

Nicola Easton makes Exceptionally good cakes.

This is a sponge cake covered in Marshmallow light and fluffy icing with colour co ordinated sparkle baubles.

Yes its chocolate.

Here we have a chocolate shoe made by the beautiful bakery and chocolatier Cocomaya. Please visit for Christmas presents it does not stop at shoes there is something for everyone including lizards covered in glitter and personalised name bars. Cocomaya.12 Connaught Street,London W2 2AF.