Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Perfect Sausage.

Poached Egg,mushrooms and a perfectly cooked sausage. Thank you Shiela for putting up with my weird requests.
13 Charlotte Place,London W1T 1SN.

Lovely Lantana.

Smoked Haddock Fish cakes with spinach. What a delectable breakfast.
Lantana.13 Charlotte Place,London W1T 1SN.

Happy Birthday Steffania.

You cannot Beat a birthday cake from Valeries. They are always just a little bit over the top but perfect for an office tea party.

A Picky Plate.

This was heaven a perfect mix of tastes with Dickles Pickles on the side.

Course 3

Mixed Tempura.

Course 2

Mixed Sashimi.

A new Discovery.

Chisou my 2nd favourite Japanese in London is quite expensive but go for a set lunch option at the very back of the menu !!!!!!! and look what you can get. It left me and Julie speechless as all three courses came to £19.50. Add up the dishes separately and you will understand why we were speechless.
Salad with ponzu dressing.Course 1.
Chisou 4 Princes Street,London W1B 2LE.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

What a beautiful Gift.

Eggs left in our kitchen on arrival.
Each colour is laid by a different breed. Wonderful.
Cocomaya really does make exceedingly good cakes. Here we have chocolate and orange.
Cocomaya,12 Connaught Street,London W2 2AF.

Kornelias Whooppee Cake!

When its a lucky day cornelia sends me a message from upstairs, it reads "Would you like a cake?" What a ridiculous question.
Keep it up Kornelia Please.

Slush Margerita

These were quite something. My brother and i fancied a cocktail on Wednesday so we headed down to El Camino on Portobello Road. Had a couple of these with some chips and Salsa on the side.
El Camino 272 Portobello Road W10 STY.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Aubergine and Chilli Spaghetti.

Fry onions red chillies and garlic in a generous amount of olive oil. Chop an aubergine into small pieces and add to the onions etc and season well with salt and black pepper. Add tinned chopped tomatoes a little puree and a splash of red wine. Cook for about 20 minutes. Cook the spaghetti and stir in the sauce,sprinkle with parmesan and serve with a green salad of rocket little gem and celery.

You know who you are.

This is for my princess i saw these in cyber candy today. Marshmallow Peeps in Lime Green.
So visually pleasing but not sure i could ever eat one!!!
Cyber Candy.Covent Garden.

Snogging on A Saturday Afternoon.

3 various concoctions from Snog. Chocolate frozen yogurt with assorted toppings.

Roca Continued.

Spare Ribs with Lime.

Roca Continued.

Tempura Roll with Avocado wasabi.

Roca Continued.

Scallops On the grill.


I never think of eating here as its always packed and super noisy but i had a craving for good japanese at lunchtime and decided to treat myself. After viewing these dishes you will understand why its always packed and noisy. Its the sound of everyone going "mmmm so delicious".
Tuna Tartar with Caviar and Quails Egg.
Roca.37 Charlotte Street,London W1T 1RR. )207 580 6464

Morito Yet Again.

Chopped salad with Yogurt.

Morito Again.

Slow cooked Lamb with Spinach and beans.

Morito Continued.

Fried Artichokes with Smoked Paprika and Aioli.

Little Moro Morito.

Tritson and I went out for a girly night and decided on Morito and loved it. The little sister to Moro next door. No reservations and a tapas menu that changes every day.
Here we have Patatas Bravas with Aioli.
Morito.32 Exmouth market.EC1R 4QL.

The Healthy Option!!!!

The breakfasts at Lantana get better and better and last week I decided to go for the unhealthy option. French Toast with Pecans grilled bananas and crispy bacon. Shiela has got it so right and should be very proud.
Lantana.13 Charlotte Place.London W1T 1SN.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Vegetable Tahli.

I took a chance i got lucky with The Spice. The staff were warm and welcoming the food was hot in temperature always a good thing super fresh and very very tasty. I will return when in Tuffnell Park.
The Spice.101 Fortess Road,London NW5.

Maxy Boys Delicious Salad.

Watercress,Fennel,Lemon Juice,Olive Oil and lots and lots of finely grated Parmesan.
It really is the most delicious thing. Max is a fantastic cook and i am always picking up some top tips from his kitchen