Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tomato Vongole whilst in Dorset.

Fry garlic and fresh chili in a generous amount of olive oil. Add handfuls of fresh tomatoes and reduce.
Add a large glass of white wine add your clams. Cook until they open add a handful of fresh parsley and serve over a bowl of steaming spaghetti.

Miss Englands Dish On Arrival.

Spectacular a perfect combination. A beautiful piece of halibut on a bed of peas,shallots lettuce and cream. Eaten looking at the sun dip behind the sea. Heaven.

The Fountain restaurant at Fortnum and Mason

I resisted the Speciality dish of Welsh Rarebit and took the kedgeree. I was very happy. Light and faultlessly put took together I think it will be hard to go back.
Fortnum and Mason Picadilly.

The Signature Cake

Here they are those wonderful warm custard tarts all unevenly baked with loving care. (There you go Paul Hollywood of the British Bake off things don't have to be perfect.)
Maids Of Honour.

Sweet Lord

Everyone falls in love with the Maids of Honour a typical English Tea House that has been in business for 120 years. Not much has changed. It is worth the journey to Kew and is positioned 5 minutes from the main entrance of the wonderful Kew Gardens. Here are a couple of pastries from a huge selection.
Also on offer are home baked meat pies and daily roasts.
Maids Of Honour.288 Kew Road,Richmond TW9 3DU.

Saturday, 17 August 2013