Friday, 1 February 2013

Just Beautiful.

My made up cocktail. Campari,tonic,fresh blood orange juice and ice if you have any!

Marine Ices for a Pasta?

Back at my favourite eating place in the Camden Area. To my delight they had spaghetti con scampi a hint of chill and lots of cream. I would not be telling the truth if i told you i did not have a banana split for desert. Marine Ices.8 Haverstock Hill,London NW3 2BL.

The Polo Bar.

When in Conduit street around cocktail hour pop into the Polo Bar at the Westbury sit on one of their high leather stools at the bar and have one of the fantastic bar man make you a classic cosmopolitan. The Polo Bar.The Westbury Hotel,37 Conduit Street,London W1S 2YF.

My Addiction

Blood oranges i am eating at least 2 a day i cannot get enough of them so i decided to make Nigel Slaters blood oranges in syrup with candied peel.

A prize worthy Cappuccino

I was quite taken aback with the volume of froth on this. Lovely! Hotel Amour.

A perfect burger at Amour.

This really is a perfect burger with perfect fries. I so should not be blogging while i am starving even though i am going to try time outs best fish n chip shop! Hotel Amour.

The Simplest Thing

The vegetable salad at Hotel Amour Paris. So simple and so beautifully done, a dish that just does not taste the same when made at home. Oh and a ball of mozzarella. Hotel Amour.8 Rue de Navarain.Paris 75009.
A delicate raspberry souffle. Teatergrillen.Stockholm.Sweden.
Mixed Grilled Fish. Teatergrillen.Stockholm.

Look Very Carefully

Its cabbage leaves stuffed with Duck Confit. Wow i can hear you say to yourself. Teatergrillen.Stockholm.


Now this is a shot of the chef doing that at the table thing which we do all love. There was certainly many a cheer as he did his show in what i would say one of the most beautiful restaurants i have ever been into. This could actually be top of the list of why i must go back to stockholm quickly. Teatergrillen,nybrogatan 3,s-114 stockholm,sweden. 468 545 03565.
Little herrings with mash potato. Tennstopet.Stockholm.
Roe,Sour Cream,chopped onion and potato pancake. Tennstopet. stockholm.
Yes its dark I know. This was put on the table as you sat down. A blue cheese and a selection of crisp breads. Tennstopet.

Wonderful Stockholm.

I was treated to so many wonderful meals in Stockholm but here are a couple of my favourites. Tennstopet has a wonderful opulent interior which has not been touched for at least 50 years but thank goodness because it truly is a special place to eat. It became obvious after not so long that many of the staff are original fixtures too. All part of the charm. Dalagatan 50,113 24 Stockholm. 468 3225 18