Saturday, 17 August 2013

Somewhere in South Tirol

I had to have kaisershmarm its a kin of pancake with raisins in it served in pieces with a compote and ice cream on request.

Somewhere in South Tirol.

I had wild mushrooms with Tagliatelle.

When Up a Mountain.

Always best to eat a lot especially when you have decided to take the 5 hour walk back down.
Polenta,Potatoes,Eggs and Ham!!!!!

Faloria Christallo.

I did make a decision to have time off from blogging whilst on vacation and also to give my boyfriend a chance to eat his food before it has been photographed but could i deprive you of this. I would have to say i think this restaurant gets my no 1 ever for view whilst eating.
Faloria Christallo. Cortina Italy.

3rd Course.

Can you see the perfection of this tiramisu. Its all about the texture for me and getting the balance right of the sponge and marscapone right.
Trattoria Alla Madonna.

2nd Course

On returning from my Italian road trip, someone asked what was the best plate you had whilst away and i had to say this one. Grilled red mullet. Sometimes it is about the simpler things in life.
Trattoria Alla Madonna. Venice.

Trattoria Alla Madonna.

Thank Goodness. The true disappointment of the summer closure of my favourite restaurant in Venice was pacified thanks to the discovery of this wonderful Trattoria. We actually ate there 3 nights out of four and were welcomed each time as though we had been going since it opened. Simple Clams steamed in wine and garlic.
Trattoria Alla Madonna Venice.

Porridge at the Nordic.

It was a new discovery I thought it was all about the cinnamon rolls but no welcome to the porridge with fruit compote.
nordic bakery.Golden Square/New Cavendish Street/Dorset Street London.