Sunday, 25 November 2012

Cafe Rive Gauche

Now this is a strange one. Its a french cafe with a eat in and take away section. You can choose from various hot dishes ranging from coq au vin to Thai chicken (here goes the confusion) or classic french toasted sandwiches on Poilane bread. Its reasonable, always packed, very tasty, the food is lovingly made by a group of lovely ladies and its very very good. Not somewhere to travel to but please go if you are in the area. Mushroom Rissotto??????? Cafe Rive Gauche, 20/21 warren Street,London W1T SLT.

Pizza Express????

I am going to come clean and drop the chain restaurant taboo and even though i know that Pizza Express Pizzas are not totally authentic and are a bit of a Pizza to themselves...there is nothing better for pre cinema when you have hardly any time to eat. I promise i didn't have dough balls.

Huevos Rancheros.

The Breakfast club is a strange one for me. It shouldn't be so good because of the huge turnaround of people but it is and if ever i am in Shoreditch around that time i have to go. This breakfast dish was absolutely delicious. Every part of it was tasty especially the spicy beans and guacamole. The Breakfast Club.2/4 Rufus Street,london N1 6PE.

The Fromagerie.

Globe Artichokes with a leek and potato soup on the side. Why ever not! The Fromagerie.2/6 Moxon Street,London W1U 4EW.
Apple and Almond Crumble. The Anglesea Arms.

The main Dish.

Here is the roast beef. All cooked to perfection of course. The Anglesea Arms.

Cheers Norbert.

Im back thanks to Norbert and others asking me to start blogging again.So where better to start than back at the Anglesea arms having sunday lunch. Its home from home and how can you resist a perfectly cooked roast especially when its round the corner. My starter a virgin bloody mary. The Anglesea Arms.35 Wingate Road,London W6 OUR. 0208 749 1291