Sunday, 28 August 2011

Childhood Memories

A selection of Sweets from The Little Sweet Shop Derbyshire.
Coconut Mushrooms.Coconut tobacco, candy peanuts,cherry lips.

Bills Boeuf

On arrival in Derbeyshire Bill made the most wonderful bourguinon. It revived some child hood memories as he took elements of the recipe from the Cookery Year which was published in 1970 and was a top cook book for my mother Bernice who is truly responsible for this blog and my passion for photographing food before eating it.

Simple Sea Bass

Sea Bass off the barbecue with a sauce of oilve oil, fresh garlic,lemon juice and heaps of parsley.
Tomato and shallot salad. I always make this salad with a variety of tomatoes and a sprinkle of sea salt. Leave for an hour out of the fridge and then add olive oil and a drizzle of red wine vinegar.
Another wonderful evening at Casa Mario and Mary. A barbecue of Sea bass and Sardines.
No complicated dishes just simple and delicious.
Potato Salad made with mayonnaise ,natural yoghurt, lemon juice,grain mustard and fresh parsley.
The finished dish decorated with rosemary from his garden.

Whilst in mallorca we were lucky to have Antoine come and make us a typical Paella of the region.
I sat with him from beginning to end taking notes whilst drinking delicious red wine. The main ingredients were rabbit/chicken/pork ribs/white beans and haricots. What a joy to see someone cook with so much passion and what a joy to eat it.

A melt in the mouth fillet steak served on a burning hot iron plate with home made fries.
Restaurante Sa Taulera.Soller Mallorca.
Spicy Gazpacho. No need to say anymore.
Restaurante Sa Taulera.Soller.Mallorca.
Mallorca with Ellen and Christian. Our favourite restaurant Sa Taulera. No frills no tourists just delicious meats cooked on the open grill (in the car park)all part of the charm.Just noticed restaurant empty but please note terrace outide full.
Restaurante Sa Taulera.Soller.Mallorca.

Blood Sweat and Tears

The blueberry Pie with added blood sweat and tears so i was told. I really do not think this was a joke as the scars on the cooks hand from berry picking were very real and visible.
A cafe in Lapland sorry no address.
On my travels this summer i just happened to find myself in deepest Lapland staying in a treehouse hotel. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the Swedish countryside and the loveliness of its people. This cafe was in the middle of nowhere and specialised in food found in the forests surrounding it. Not in the mood for a reindeer sandwich i opted for the blueberry pie.

Meatballs for me is always a dish i love but never think of making.
Walking around the beautiful town of Goteborg trying to find an alternative to a prawn or herring open sandwich which are plentiful... i stumbled across a restaurant where everyone inside was eating this dish. Always a good sign. So good were they that i went back for seconds the next day.
Restaurant Kungstorg,Kungstorget 7,Goteborg,Sweden.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Flat Planet.

A Wheat Free smoked Salmon and Creme Fraiche Flat Bread.
Flat Planet Details on Post Below.

Flat Planet.

A great new Fast Food stop that i have been looking at for months and eventually it was suggested to me THANKFULLY. It is owned by the team behind Leon and they have got it right again.
Flat Planet.39 Great Marlborough Street,London W1F 7UK.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I am always fascinated by plane food. This selection was very strange and i loved the colours of everything.
Quantas from Wiepa to Cairns Australia.

Haggerstone Island.

A simple grapefruit (grown on the Island)
Avocado with sea salt and olive oil.
Haggerstone Island.The Great Barrier Reef.Australia.

Haggerstone Island.

Oysters in Pernod and Cream (that had been dived for and taken out of their shell underwater by Roy 3 minutes before this picture was taken)
Haggerstone Island.Great Barrier Reef.Australia.

Haggerstone Island.

Fish Soup.
Fish caught 1 hour before and filleted on boat with green chilies, celery tops and garlic.
Haggerstone Island.Great Barrier Reef.

Haggerstone Island.

Beer Battered Fish. (Caught that day).
Giant Prawns cooked in Sea Water. (Caught that day)
Wild Rocket. (Grown on Island)
Haggerstone Island.Great Barrier Reef.Australia.

Haggerstone Island.

Squid Salad (Squid caught underneath fishing boat that morning).
Sashimi (Fish caught that morning)
Wild Rocket (Grown on Island)
Haggerstone Island.Great Barrier Reef.Australia.

Haggerstone Island.

May i please set the scene. Haggerstone Island an Island off the North tip of Australia. I cannot understand how i managed to come accross a Paradise Island hosted by a man so passionate about food. I had eating experiences that will never be forgotten.
Haggerstone Island. Great Barrier Reef. Australia.

Movida Next Door.

Too hard to resist Chocolate and Churros.
Movida Nest Door.Melbourne,Australia.

Movida Next Door.

7 Hour slow cooked lamb. I need say no more. It melted in your mouth would be an understatement.
Movida next door,Melbourne,Australia.

Movida Next Door.

Beef Consomme and aside of chilies.
Movida Next Door,Melbourne.Australia.

Movida Next Door.

This spanish Tapas restaurant came so highly recommended that i had to try it out. It did not disappoint. I loved the setting of a back street every inch covered in Graffiti the only bit of street art/culture that i saw the whole visit.
Movida Next Door.Melbourne.Australia.

Clay Pots.

Clay Pots is a Seafood restaurant whose speciality is cooking fish in Clay Pots with flavours ispired from India, Malaysia,China and Morocco.All Seafood on offer has been sourced that morning.
Apologies for terrible photography it was a very dark restaurant. This was a Malaysian Claypot and was delicious.
Clay Pots. 213 Barkly Street,Melbourne,Victoria,Australia.

Four Seasons.

May i present to you the most delicious cocktail i have ever tasted. It included cucumber vodka,elderflower juice with a hint of bitters. Then the glass and contents were misted with a rose essence. There is no name to it he made it up as he went along.
The bar at the Four Seasons Sydney.Australia.

Bronte Beach.

Banana and wild berry smoothie.
Pure Bronte Pistachio. Bronte Beach NSW.

Bronte Beach.

Bronte Beach next bay to Bondi Beach. Yes Bondi Beach Australia. There is a wonderful coastal walk between the beaches. Pure Bronte Pistachio is a hit with the surfers for outstanding smoothies and ice cream. I loved this Chandelier.
Pure Bronte Pistachio.2/481 Bronte Road,Bronte,NSW.
Delectable home made brownies and a flat white which i must confess do taste better in its mother country.
Cabin Fever.Perth.

Cabin Fever.

My first post for a while due to a two week trip across Australia. Honestly speaking i feel that my record of Australian food is not as wonderous as i had expected but that is due to only spending a day or two in each location plus some records of my food experiences were lost due to accidental snorkelling with camera! Cabin Fever a delightful cafe pit stop whilst lost in the haze of Jet Lag.
Shop 12,Bon marche Arcade,80 Barrack Street,Perth.