Monday, 24 January 2011

The Sweet Trolley. I opted for the Sherry Trifle it was not a mistake.
Hassop Hall Hotel,Hassop,Nr Bakewell,Derbyshire DE45 1NS>

Chateaubriand served from the Silver Trolley with a delicate Bearnaise .
Hassop Hall Hotel,Hassop,Nr Bakewell,Derbyshire DE45 1NS.

A delectable palette cleanser pink grapefruit sorbet with candied orange rind served mid way through the meal.
Hassop Hall Hotel,Nr Bakewell,Derbyshire DE45 1NS. 01629 640577

Hassop Hall Hotel. A truly wonderful find thanks to the magic of the internet. A perfect english country house hotel. It was truly wonderful. Exceptional service, wonderful rooms and bathrooms,glorious food. Heaven. I was lucky to get a room they only had one due to a cancellation. I now understand. Book well in advance this is a very popular place.
Hassop Hall Hotel.Hassop,Nr Bakewell,derbyshire DE45 1NS 01629 640577

Ham Salad with homemade onion chutney and a selection of salads.
Hobbs Cafe and Crafts.Monsal Head Bakewell. DE45 1NL.

I am in Love with the Peak District. I am totally and utterly in Love with the Peak District. It is magical a visual feast.
Overlooking this view is Hobbs Cafe and Crafts. I wished id got the owners names. They ran this cafe with love and passion and i witnessed two people that really loved going to work.
Hobbs Cafe & Crafts. Monsal Head,Bakewell.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Mama Mama the one i have to blame for my food addiction and the one you have to thank for this blog. Without the addiction there would be no blog. A quick throw together recipe.
Smoked mackeral kinda kedgeree but better.
Cook Brown Rice till soft but nutty.
Add a lil olive oil lemon juice and smoked paprika and chopped fresh spinach.
Flake some smoked mackeral and put ontop.
Decoration Optional.

In a meeting today someone said "the trifle is making a come back" thats so strange i thought as we had made one on Saturday.
Here is my trifle recipe.
Line a dish with slices of madeira cake.
If feeling decadent moisten cake with prosecco.
Put a generous pile of fresh berries ontop and a couple of small tins of blackberries.
Cover with fresh custard available from and good supermarket.
Whip some cream and put ontop of custard.
Optional Flaked Almonds as requested by Joel or grated chocolate.

Cod,Chips and Peas.
Fryers Delight.19 Theobalds Road,London WC1 8SL.

Yes you are correct this is a cup of tea. The picture is so beautiful i couldn't resist. Please excuse.
Fryers Delight. 19 Theobalds Road,London WC1X 8SL.

Back in London and ready for a bit of British Fayre. Fryers Delight is one of those jewels in London that you breathe a sigh of relief on arrival that it still exists. The decor is fantastic and people watching is a top tip in this establishment. Next time i shall not feel guilty and have a chip butty. Well they do say a little bit of what you fancy does no harm.
Fryers Delight.19 Theobalds Road,London WC1 8SL.

Here we have breakfast at Casa Luna. Home Made Corn Tortillas, refried beans with a hint of chili, avocado and lime oh and of course a mug of costa rican coffee. It doesnt get much better than this.

Costa Rican Organic Chocolate only additive a touch of coloured tissue paper.
Honey and Hearts Organic Market.Playa Carmen,Santa Teresa,Costa Rica.

Beautiful Beautiful Herbs.
Honey and Hearts Organic Market.Playa Carmen.Santa Teresa,Costa Rica.

Let me tell you about Honey and Heart organic market. It happens every Saturday at 3pm sharp. The market is held in the Palm Forest on the beach at Playa Carmen. It started from the back of there truck selling organic treasures that they had sourced which were snapped up in 5 minutes that is how long the market lasted now things have changed and through their hard work and strong belief in eating only the most wonderful foods the produce selection is quite unbelievable. Thank you Honey and Heart for the treats that you bestow upon us.
The Organic Market.Playa Carmen.Santa Teresa.Costa Rica.

Chocolate Bombs.
The Bakery.Santa Teresa.Costa Rica.

All i can say is doughnuts filled with a variety of jams.
The bakery .Santa Teresa.Costa Rica.

A bakery is not normally such an interesting subject but this one is. On the Santa Teresa strip where not long ago there were roughly 6 places to stop and eat there are now choices. Now honestly i am not a huge fan of choice especially when you are somewhere like the tropics but it is my job i feel to cover all aspects of eateries in areas that i have visited. This bakery offers delicious cakes coffees juices and snacks and is open from 7 in the morning till 8 at night.
The Bakery Santa Teresa.Costa Rica.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Spicy baby octopus on bruschetta.
Playa Des Artistas.Montezuma.Costa Rica.

Beetroot,butternut squash and Goats Cheese Salad.
Playa Des Artistas.Montezuma.Costa Rica.

Here is another top 5 my best restaurants in the world. Playa Des Artistas on the beach of Montezuma Cost Rica. Mediterranean cooking at its best in a setting of absolute Paradise. Dig your feet into the fine white sand...order a fresh passion Fruit Caipirinha and choose off a blackboard of delights.
Playa Des Artistas Montezuma Costa Rica.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Marinated Prawns with fresh rosemary ready for the barbecue. My Mouth is Watering.

Now this post is all about the magnificent talented amazing Mr James Kelly. Most probably the most talented chef in Central America and if he did travel further afield would rank up there with the best of them. Jim puts so much love and passion into his food you can taste it with every mouthful. Now he is going to be angry with me because this meal that i have recorded was a meal made in 10 minutes on our arrival into Costa Rica he will be wishing that i had photographed his dishes beautifully presented he is an absolute perfectionist. Sadly the next day Jim went away as he was booked solidly to private chef for a lucky family down the coast.
May I present to you tomato and onion salad like no other tomato and onion salad with a salsa verde see following post for completion of quick meal!!!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Roast Chicken,Yuka Fries,Green Salad with Mint Leaves and Black Beans and a side of Chimichurri sauce.
Chicken Joes.Playa Carmen,Santa Teresa,Costa Rica.

Aaah Chicken Joes. What a wonderful place. A Roadside cafe serving some of the best food in Santa Theresa. Oscar and Yada thank you for feeding us so very often and for all our crazy special orders.
Chicken Joes.Playa Carmen.Santa Teresa,Costa Rica.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

baked Eggs in tomato and basil sauce with chorizo.
Cafe Gitane.242 Mott Street,NY 10012.

I was so happy to come accross Cafe Gitane. Its different from most New York 'Great for Breakfast Spots' and a welcome change to the normal breakfast menus. The waitresses are very lay back and once you have your order they leave you to rest in peace.
Cafe Gitane,242 Mott Street,NY 10012.

You know that way when you arrive in a city and you feel like you should try new places but you have favourites and its hard to resist....well here is my mine. Omen. I love the restaurant, i love the people and i love the food. Due to verging on rudeness by constantly taking pictures of my food i did not manage to get the avocado salad or the omen noodles but i did manage to get this delectable plate of mixed sashimi. Please forgive the flash photography but has answered my problem of blogging in dark restaurants.
Omen.113 Thompson Street,NY 10012,USA. Tel No 1212 8923.

A number 9. A Dosa filled with chicken,spinach and spicy potatoes with a side of mango chutney. Thank you Doug for my addiction to this place you are totally to blame.
Hampton Chutney Co. 68 Prince Street,New York.

Hello Followers and random bloggers i am back from my travels. I have not forgotten you and have made it my upmost duty to collect some delicious information for you from my journey to Costa Rica stopping off in New York. I will start with a Mango Lassi ??? Yes a strange choice i know but this Mango Lassi can be found in the Hampton Chutney Co which is my first food stop on every trip to NYC. It is a Take Away and eat in if you are lucky enough to find space. A Zen haven for those of us who like clean healthy food made with a whole lot of love.
Hampton Chutney Company.68 Prince Street,NY10012,USA.