Friday, 5 July 2013

the savoury option.

Mushrooms on toasted brioche. The perfect start to a saturday morning.
The Bush Hall Dining Rooms.

The Bush Hall Dining Rooms.

Just opened in the uxbridge road next to the Bush Hall is the Bush Hall Dining Rooms. A good wholesome menu full of classics there is something in there for everyone. Visit one only consisted of breakfast which i can highly recommend. Here is the muesli presentation. The sweet Option.
The Bush Hall Dining Rooms. 304 Uxbridge Road,London W12. 44208 749 0731.

Eggs and Chips.

No Explanation needed on this.

Super quick Carbonara.

Whilst the spaghetti is cooking fry some chopped bacon. In a bowl mix 2 egg yolks,single cream,heaps of finely grated parmesan and lots of black pepper. When the pasta is done pour the sauce over the pasta add the bacon bits mix well and serve immediately.

Tommis unbelievable French Toast.

This a piece of dark organic rye bread soaked in egg,milk and fresh cinnamon then fried in butter.
Add slices of banana from the garden and drizzle with raw honey.

If You didn't want the Patacones.

You could have the freshly caught fish with rice and salad.


These are fried green plantains served with Guacamole,Salsa and black beans. With Hot sauce of course. This was taken in a restaurant on the side of the road opposite the beach at the bottom of Santiago Hills Costa Rica. Worth going all that way for.

Wonderful James Kelly

Perfectly cooked filet of beef with red quinoa. Wild rocket with a sherry vinaigrette and fresh sliced jalapeƱos . Not bad for a casual meal at home with the family.

Genius...Baked Eggs.

Baked Eggs with tomato sauce and parmesan with a perfectly ripe quarter of avocado served in hot skillet. For Breakfast at the bowery hotel.
The bowery Hotel.335 Bowery.NYC.


If anyone is passing Fabrique in Stockholm could you please bring me some of this black rye bread.
I have even been tempted to Fed Ex it!!!!!!!!

Sweet Lord

I realised on walking past this bakery that I had no will power i had to turn round and go back and try one of this delectable sticky buns. Just for the sake of the blog of course.
Fabrique.Scheelegatan 6,Stockholm.

Meatballs in Stockholm.

Apologies. I arrived late, I was very very hungary, I ran into the first place that looked good. I ate this delectable meal of meatballs with pickled cucumber fresh loganberries, creamed potatoes and.....never looked where i was eating. This dish is not hard to find in Sweden but hopefully you will find this very place. Good luck on your treasure hunt.

Im back with Ice Cream.

This is a selection of ice creams tasted at the River Cafe. The burnt caramel wins every time for me.
The river cafe,Thames Wharf Road,W6 9HA. Tel No 44207 386 4200