Thursday, 30 September 2010

The display Bar at Yauatcha.
See post below for details.

Aubergine okra green bean and chilies.
Yauatcha. See post below for details.

I have wanted to try Yauatcha for a long time as i have often heard of their delicate delicious dumplings so today was the day.
In the past few days i have made a very important decision as a food blogger that i must be honest and if that means being negative in parts so be it. Here goes....the dumplings were delectable but the service was shocking. It took 20 minutes to get our pot of silver tea and an age for the food to come. Luckily Sherry and i had so much to talk about( 1 year is quite a lot to fit in over a quick lunch) that it did not upset us too much. There is a happy ending which was on complaining the manager was very apologetic and knocked off the service.
Steamed Wild Mushroom /Crystal dumpling with Pumpkin and Pine Nuts/Chinese Chive and Prawn.
Yauatcha.15 Broadwick Street,London W1F ODL. Tel No 207 494 8888.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Condiments.
Now id like to see anyone match this selection.
The Popeseye Steak House.See Details Below.

My fella is rowing up the Thames today and he thought it was a great idea to eat a steak to give him some extra energy so....
i remembered The Popes Eye and on eating the outstanding food there decided we must make it a once a month outing.
The menu is tiny either Rump,Sirloin or Fillet of various weights served with chips and salad and if you have any room home made deserts. Please excuse the photographs the restaurant is very dark with candle light.
The Popeseye Steak House,108 Blythe Road,Kensington Olympia.
Tel No 0207 610 4578. Booking advisable its tiny.

The Price List.
The Fish Stand Golborne Road,W10.
See post below for details.

The Fish Stand.Golborne Road W!).
See Post Below for details.

Sea Bass,Prawns and Chili Sauce.
The Fish Stand Golborne Road W10.
See post below for details.

Wow. I had heard that there were fantastic fish stalls on Golborne road but never expected to find such perfect offerings.
The shocking thing about this wonderful stall is the freshness of the fish and the reasonable prices. I have got into the mind set that fish is a delicacy and have been prepared to pay £25 for a dover sole or a small piece of sea bass but maybe i need to think differently.....or eat at more street stands. This one is only open when its sunny or sunny with cloudy intervals. Enjoy.
The Fish Stand. Outside O Porto.62 Golborne Road,London W10.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

So due to the incredible response to the barley and prawn soup.
I give you my favourite quick lunch.
1 Can Cannellini Beans, half a red onion, fresh chopped flat leaf parsley, 1 tin tuna.
To Dress
Olive Oil,Vinegar,Dijon Mustard,Sea Salt and Ground Pepper.
Just cause it makes me laugh "Drizzle with olive oil".

Egg Home made chips and brown sauce.
Pelliccis see details below.

Jam Tart made that morning by Mama Pellicci.
Pellicci Details Below.

The Counter.
Pelliccis. See below for details.

I just loved this shot.
Pelliccis see below for details.

Now i dont quite know where to begin with Pelliccis. So ill start with the owners Nevio Pellicci and family.
I have never had the desire to sit in a restaurant all day but yesterday i would have been quite happy to do so.
Nevio and his family run and own this cafe/restaurant and everyone is made to feel like royalty. The constant use of 'young man' or 'young lady" is already a great welcoming and once discovering that the tea is strong and the chips are home made i talked myself into the fact that Shepherds Bush is not actually that far to Bethnal Green !!
Here are a few shots.
Pellicci's.332 Bethnal Green Road,London E2 2AG.
Tel No 44207 4873

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Pan Fried Padron Peppers.
Details Below.

Saturday with no plans so i convinced my daughter Marley to join me on a trip to Borough Market.
I was quite disappointed with how touristy it had become with a distinct lack of stalls selling sustainable Britsh Produce.
Even the swiss toasted sandwich man was now occupying a triple stand set up instead of his make do tressle table and umbrella outside Neals Yard Dairy.
But...Brindisa Tapas is still as it was and apart from eating a killer spicy padron pepper the food was sumptuous as always.
Selection of Regional Charcouterie.
Hot Pickled Chillies.
Country Toast with Tomato.
Brindisa Tapas,Corner of London Bridge,Borough Market. 44207 357 0080.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Blackberry Financier not to eat just for the blog??????
Ottolenghi. See below for details.

Tried to resist going out to eat again but..... when my lovely friend Venetia said Ottolenghi at 1pm how could
i say no.
Roasted beetroot and grilled peach with a caramelised macadamia,mint and tamarind dressing.
Grilled salmon with smoky tomatoe , chilli,onion and coriander salsa.
Roasted aubergine with spicy nuts and seeds,yoghurt and chevril.
Mixed Beans and borlotti beans with red onion,tarragon,red chili and mustard seeds.
(Just a light lunch).
Ottolenghi,63 Ledbury Road,London W11 2AD.Tel No 44207 727 1121

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Rose Bakery.
Dover Street Market,London W1S 4LT.
Tel No 44207 518 0680
So today on meeting my friend for lunch at the Rose Bakery on the 4th floor of Dover Street Market i decided that on no account was the lunch to be all about the blog and i would refrain from taking a picture......once presented with our plate of vegtables i could not resist sharing the experience. Doble click on the image to see whats there.
Unfortunately for my bloggers i refrained from photographing the carrot cakes, brownies and apple and blackberry crumbles.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I made a promise to myself that i would never post my own cooking i have given in.
Its so easy and delicious i had to share it. I made it up too so suppose im slightly showing off.
Prawn and Barley Soup.
Fry red onion garlic until soft then add some chopped chili then add your prawns. While this is going on cook some pearl barley in a pan.
Add one can of chopped tomatoes some vegetable stock a squeeze of tomato puree and some fresh chopped parsley sea salt and pepper.
Simmer for 15 minutes then add your barley. It must be more of a stew consistency with a small amount of liquid.
Serve and drizzle with olive oil.
Comments Please.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Shepherds Ice Cream Stand,
Ice Cream made with Sheeps Milk.
End Of The Road Festival.

The Chickens.
Roaming Rotisserie .
End Of The Road Festival.

The Roaming Rotisserie.
End Of The Road Festival.

Bates and Easey Roaming Rotisserie.
End Of The Road Festival.

Falafel and Falafel Plate with Black Olives,Organic Sauerkraut and Spicy Tomato Sauce.
The Chai Shop.
End Of The Road Festival.

Cakes The Chai Shop
The End Of The Road Festival.

The Chai Shop.
End Of The Road Festival.

I have just got back from The End of the Road Festival organised by lovely Simon Taffe and his family and friends set in the beautiful grounds of Larmer Tree Gardens Dorest.
Everything there encapsulates to me what a great festival should be. Fantastic music favourite band "Voice of the Seven Thunders" Magical things to look at including a hidden coloured flashing disco floor in the middle of a forest lit by what seems like a million fairy lights and fantastic food.
Here are a few of my favourite pit stops i hope they are there next year.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Vegetarian Tagine at Adams Cafe.
Lentil,Broad Bean and Chickpeas with Spinach and Fresh Herbs.

"A Jewel In The Bush" Adams Cafe..Greasy Spoon by day and Tunisian and Moroccan Specialities by night.
Run by charming Abdel and Francis Boukraa this is an absolute must if you are in the area.
Lamb Tagine with Prunes,Almonds and Sultanas with a side of cous cous will never disappoint infact like myself you may have to make this a weekly ritual.
Adams Cafe,77 Askew Road,London W12 9AH.Tel No 0208 743 0572.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Chicken noodles with bean sprouts and hot chili sauce.
The noodle stall Goodge Place and Goodge Street W1.
Get there before 2pm they sell out fast.

Now i know that i have only got a picture of a solitary Cream Horn but...if you go visit Princi on Wardour street you will understand. They do uncountable delicious Italian dishes, pastries and coffee and the presentation of this fast food with a difference is something to see in itself...and they do take away. Please go you will not be dissappointed.
Princi,135/137 Wardour Street,London W1F 0UT. Tel No 0207 478 8888.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Coffee and Sugar Holder at Tapped and Packed.
26 Rathbone Place,London W1T 1JD. 0207 580 2163

Sandwiches at Tapped and Packed.
26 Rathbone Place,London W1T 1JD.Tel No 0207 580 2163

Just Opened. Tapped and Packed serve delicious coffee,cakes and sandwiches.
26 Rathbone Place,London W1T 1JD Tel No 0207 580 2163

I was going to a club Vision On at the 3 Crowns Stoke Newington Church Street and stopped for a Pizza.
Probably the most delicious Pizza i have eaten in London and they do Take Away.
il Bacio,90 Stoke Newington Church Street,London N16. Tel 0207 249 2384

Delicious Muesli with yoghurt grated apple and goji berries.
Served by lovely Shiela who owns this cafe. A saving grace in that little area called NO HO ?
Lantana Cafe
13 charlotte Place,London W1T 1SN.
0207 637 3347