Sunday, 8 May 2011

Chicken Enchilada and Black Beans.
Crazy Homies. Details on Post Below.
Not our chosen destination we were off to Lucky Seven Tom Conrans American Diner for a Hamburger and Chip Fix but due to a long line thought we would take the easy option and eat next door. I had not been for ages and a joy to return forgetting just how satisfying a well cooked Mexican can be washed down with a glass of fresh pomegranite juice.
Crazy Homies.125 Westbourne Park Road,London W2 5QL.
Skate Wing with Crevettes Gris.
St John Hotel.Details on Post Below.
Roast Coquelette with Bread Sauce.
St John Hotel.Details on Post Below.
Barley Carrots and Curd.
St John Hotel.Details on Post Below.
langostines Mayonnaise.
St John Hotel. Details on Post Below.
Voila..St John Hotel. Very surprised to get a table at 6pm on the same night and was very excited fora visit to the long awaited St John Hotel. We were greeted or shall i say not greeted by two security men on the door which i suppose is a must being right on the corner of Leicester square. The Hotel is tiny and the dining room pretty tiny too which does make the acoustics a little difficult but the food was fantastic and the service impeccable and it is open till 1am.
St John Hotel,1 Leicester Square,London WC2 7BL. Tel No 0203 301 8020.
Spinach,Field Mushrooms,Hazelnuts and red onions. I did not want it to end, oh and buttered jersey royals.
There are not that many restaurants that open in London that either get better and better or retain a super high standard. One of them is Hereford Road. The other fantastic thing about it is every time the bill is put down you have to double check that they did not leave something off the really cannot believe such wonderful food could be this reasonable. The sad thing about this visit was the main course picture is out of focus and the desert so good i forgot to take a picture...the good news is i am going back on thursday. An outstanding Leek Vinegarette.
Hereford Road,3 Hereford Road,London W2 4AB. 44207 727 1144.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Last bank holiday Monday i found myself craving lebanese food. I headed upto Golbourne Road which i have to say has become my favourite place to eat when i get irritated with paying such hefty prices and just want to eat tasty simple food in an unpretentious environment, Balalbak is a must try with delighful gracious staff that are proud to serve you their homemade delights.
Baalbak,91 Golborne Road,London W10 SNL.