Saturday, 30 October 2010

Stewed Plums and Blackberries.
The Rose Bakery.See Details Below.

Candys Plate Of Vegetables.
The Rose Bakery.Details Below.

I am so lucky that where i stay in Paris happens to be the 9th arrondissement. Whenever i go outside of the 9th i want to go running back. The restaurants bars cafes food shops are so unique and everything is there....and so is the Rose Bakery. I know i have spoken about it before but that was Rose at Dover Street the selection of offerings in Rue Martyrs is far greater. What a treat to have this piece of heaven round the corner. Candy was in Paris so we decided to go. Here is what we ate.
Smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs.
The Rose Bakery 46 Rue Des Martyrs,75009 Paris.

Wild Strawberries with Creme Fraiche.
Brasserie Lipp.Paris.Details Below.

Cold Lamb served with Aspic.
Brasserie Lipp.Paris.Details Below.

Roast Chicken with red wine jus served with haricots vert.
Brasserie Lipp.Paris.Details Below.

Frisee,lardons,poached egg salad.
Brasserie Lipp.Paris. See details below.

How lucky am i to find myself back in Paris on a two day mini break. After arriving on thursday night and a lot of deliberation on where to go it was decided to visit an old classic of which is never on my list of favourites to eat in Paris. It did not disappoint ...
the wonderful characters and monogrammed crockery and glasses just added to the evening. Please accept apologies for glass of wine photograph but i have to say the house bordeaux was delicious too. One word of advice please book especially in the evening.
Brasserie Lipp.151 Blvd St Germain,Paris 75006,France. 3314 548 5391.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

If you are a meat eater i am sure that you would admit that a good spaghetti bolognese is very difficult to turn down especially on a miserable day like today so when my friend Mr Mackie texted and said lets meet at Da Paolo i knew what was on his mind.
A fellow foodie who is constantly keeping me in the loop of his restaurant visits and home cooking also knows that Da Paolo is home to this king of dishes. This dish holds a slight Taboo ... if you are with a bunch of people and its on the menu everyone is salivating over the thought of it but will never go there and opt for something much more Modern. Can anyone tell me where to find a good chicken Kiev?????????
PS.Salad does not get a mention due to the Balsamic syrupy drizzle.
Da Paolo, 3 Charlotte Place,London W1T 1SD. 44207 580 0021.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Salad of Puntarelle,Fennel and Pomegranate.
The Dock Cafe,See below Post for Details.

Vegetable Tempura. The lightest and most sumptuous I have ever eaten.
The Dock Cafe.Details in Post Below.

I have heard so many great reviews about the Dock Cafe and after reading last week that the chef Stevie Parle had won Young Chef of the Year award i quickly booked a table for lunch...although i prefer eating out at night the lighting always causes blogging complications. I have to say that i am furious with myself as on leaving the Cafe and after introducing myself to Stevie and telling him about my blog and accidently walking out with his phone...i realised i didnt even photograph our main course, i only managed to remember the starters. I put that down to pure over excitement so i am sure i will be forgiven. The food was outstanding, the decor beautifully put together and i will be back so please take this review as a work in progress.
The Dock Cafe.Portobello Docks,344/342 Ladbroke Grove,W10 5BU. 0208 962 1610.

Pandan Chicken wrapped in Banana Leaves. Now ordering this dish always makes me giggle as the waitress always informs the recipient not to eat the banana leaves....i would love to see someone try.
Busaba. Details on Post Below.

Here is another one of my posts which i sat and questioned for a couple of days due to the fact that Busaba is most likely known to many of my followers but the food is quite delicious the service fantastic and its round the corner from my office. If ever there is a chance of a lunch OUT with the lovely Mr Hales this is a great option.
Aromatic Butternut Pumpkin Curry with Coconut Rice and Iced Sweet Green Tea.
Busaba,22 Store Street,London WC1E 7DF.

The Simplest cake tart filled with a very cold filling of a mix between a custard and ice cream????
Patisserie Valerie.Knightsbridge.Details Below.

A choux base filled with a chocolate ganache topped with whipped cream and just because that is not quite enough a chocolate covering.
Patisserie Valerie.Knightsbridge. Details Below.

Out and about doing a few errands, that mid afternoon sugar craving kicked in and i have to admit was with someone with an extremely sweet convenient that we happened to find ourselves outside Patisserie Valerie. I have to say that this post is not about the quality of the cakes but the sheer volume of choice and the absolute decadence of them is enough of a reason to visit this establishment. There now seems to be one on every corner so cannot list all locations. I also have to say i loved my photographs so had to share them with you.
Patisserie Valerie.Hans Crescent,Knightsbridge SW1X 0LZ.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Wow after a week of being out nearly every night i was desperate for an evening at home and to get back into the kitchen.
So here is what i cooked. Fish Stew. Quick and easy and absolutely delicious. Serves Two.
1 Halibut Steak.
1 Slice Sword Fish.
2 Handfuls small clams.
4 Glasses white wine.
Juice half a lemon.
4 small potatoes.
Huge handful of chopped parsley.
Tsp chopped chillies.
Chunk of fresh grated ginger.
1 glove garlic
1 Tin Tomatoes.
2 tbs olive oil
Cut potatoes into small pieces and boil till soft.
Fry the chopped garlic in olive oil with the chillies. Add potatoes and tin of tomatoes. Cook for 15 minutes.
Add ginger fish and clams parsley and wine and lemon juice. Cook for 10 minutes or until clams open.
serve in large bowls with.....a drizzle of olive oil.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Green Tea Ice Cream with Orange Fur Ball my gift from japan.
Niko Niko Details in Post below.

My Salmon Teryaki Bento Box with Agedashi Tofu and sushi.
Niko Niko Details in Post Below.

Candys Agedashi tofu Bento Box with vegetable Tempura and Sushi.
Niko Niko Details in Post Below.

I have wanted to try Niko Niko for a very long time since the underground japanese closed in Goodge street...the food was not overwhelming but it was authentic and how i always imagined a quick lunch in Japan would be....and that is exactly what Niko Niko is authentic, not expensive and just what you want for a quick japanese lunch. The strange thing about this experience was that i was with my friend Candy who had just arrived back from Japan the day before and was craving a bento box!!
Niko Niko.19 Percy Street,London W1T 1DX Tel No 0871 971 7849.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

I have been going to La Brasserie on the Fulham Road for a very long long time. Always a lovely atmosphere and a perfect location for meeting my friend Joey for lunch but in terms of food never overwhelming but.....last Friday i can truly say that the eggs Florentine was the best eggs Florentine i have ever eaten. The Muffin fresh and puffy the eggs and spinach cooked to perfection and the sauce light and delicate . Joe's scrambled eggs and ham were also perfect.
La Brasserie,272 Fulham Road,London SW3 2AW. Tel No 0207 581 3089

Just to prove Jackie Chan did really go there.
Dragon Palais Royal.See below for details.

A selection of whats on offer. Not usually a lover of food pre prepared like this but lets face it most restaurants do the same thing apart from its all behind the scenes.
Dragon Palai Royal.See Post below for Details.

Selection of sauces at Dragon Palais Royal.
See Post below for Details.

Whilst walking down the Rue Saint Honore I bumped into my old old friend Gene who up camped and moved to Japan.
Now if Gene says something is good it is good and this is Genes favourite Chinese restaurant in Paris. Frequented by Jackie Chan this comes highly recommended.
Gragon Palais Royal,256 Rue Saint Honore,Paris 75001.

Stephanie's Mille Feuille.
Now Stephanie is a very good judge of Mille Feuille and said this was the best she had eaten.
Angelina Tea Room.

Katy's Coupe De Rivoli.
Chocolate Ice cream with Hazelnuts and Caramel Sauce.
Angelina Tea Rooms.

The Signature cake...Mont Blanc.
Marron Glace in a meringue case filled with whipped cream.
Angelina Tea Rooms.

I was slightly reticent to blog Angelina Tea Rooms but i have to confess that every time i go to Paris it is top of my list.
It is such a pleasure to pass an afternoon there even though i am always in an absolute quandary whether to have a cake and tea or the super rich thick famous hot chocolate....well as you will see this time i opted for the tea and cake and a glass of champagne. I was with my two lovely girls Katy and Stephanie enough of a reason to celebrate. Always expect a wait but well worth it.
Angelina Tea Rooms. 226 Rue De Rivoli.Paris 75001.