Saturday, 28 August 2010

Scallops with Bacon.
Hix Fish and Oyster House.Dorset.
See Oyster Picture for details.

Oysters.Hix Oyster and Fish House.Cobb Row.Lyme Regis,Dorset DT7 3JP.
Tel No 01297 446 910

Grilled mackeral with Salsa Verde.
The Hive Beach Cafe.Beach Road,Burton Bradstock,DT6 4RF.
Tel 01308 897070.

Fesh Banana Pancakes with maple syrup and crispy bacon.
Lucky 7.127 Westbourne Park Road,London W2 5QL. 0207 727 6771.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Chicken quesedillas,grilled sweetcorn,guacamole.
El Camino Portobello Road.London

Monday, 23 August 2010

"The Ultimate Cream Tea On the Island" the sign reads.
I am sure they are not wrong the scones were delicious.
Chessell Pottery,Brook Road,Chessell,Yarmouth,Isle of Wight.

Food For old favourite that i totally forgot about.
Hearty vegetarian food and they even have the same plates and bowls as Cranks did of which i am sure many of you will remember.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Fried balls of Eggplant with Tomato Sauce.
Alle due Corti Lecce Italy.

Mashed Broad Beans with wild chicory and olive oil.
Alle due Corti Lecce Italy.

Pickled Wild Onions.Fresh Tuna with Fennel and Onions.Tomatoe and Mozarella.Preserved courgettes and onions.
Frittate with Zuccini,onions and cheese.

Breakfast Juices.

Large Prawns marinated in olive oil and parsley then half peeled and rolled in breadcrumbs
and then cooked over the white embers of burning coals.

Bread in Southern Italy is never thrown away.
Baked in the sun to dry and then immersed in water to be eaten and served with fresh dried
herbs and olive oil and fresh tomatoes.

Homemade Grappas.

Fresh Anchovies,Octopus with Carrots,fresh mackeral with olives and parsley
and a simple potato salad.

A Picnic for a day out by the sea.

Prawns with Fresh Parsley,Cucumber and mint,Fresh mayonnaise.

Mussels with white wine onions and chili.

Local Peach Display.

A simple pizza on arrival.
I have just arrived back from a stay at the Convento di Santa Maria di Costantinopoli in Puglia Southern Italy.
It is truly a magical hideaway and i must admit i am finding it very hard to find the words to describe the beauty of this bed and breakfast which is also a huge understatement. It is owned and run by Alistair and Athena McAlpine and is adorned with their wondorous collections of artefacts from all over the world. Each room nook and cranny is breathtaking....and just to top it off they have a fantastic chef Pierluigi Panico to whom i thank for making these pictures possible.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Coffee Van. Latitude Festival. House Of Fairytales.

Stone Baked Pizzas Latitude Festival.

Roasted Prawns. Grill Royal Berlin.

Meat in Fridges. Grill Royal Berlin.

Lattes. Ponybar Berlin.

Eggs Royale. Chez Kristof .Hammersmith Grove.London.

Iles Flottantes. Brasserie Beaujolais Paris.

Fruit and Plain Scones. The New Forest.

Roast chicken and Mash. Brasserie Beaujolais Paris.

Frutti Di Mare. Alla Vedova Venice.

Vongole.Alla Vedova Venice.

White Desserts Harrys Bar Venice.

Hot Ricotta Pastries. La Perla Marina De Pietrasanta.

Apple Pie and Cream Florian Venice.

Zuppe Di Farro .Boconcino Forte Dei Marmi.

Breakfast San Jose Airport Costa Rica.

Breakfast on the way to Edinburgh The Flying Scotsman.

Cake Selection at the Bristol Paris.

Coffee at The Wolseley Picadilly London.

Smoked salmon lunch Colombe Dor St Paul De Vence.

Breakfast La Colombe D'Or St Paul De Vence.