Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I did not even taste this gooseberry fool but i do love the picture.
The Riding House Cafe.
Roast Belly of Pork on lentils with horseradish.
The Riding House Cafe.
A Perfect Burger which i would go back for.
My Favourite Dish.
The Riding House Cafe.
And another small Plate of Beetroot and Goats Cheese.
The Riding House Cafe.
Small Plate Artichoke Dip.
The Riding House Cafe.
A small Plate of Cerviche.
The Riding House Cafe.
It came to light last Sunday that service is everything and how if bad service occurs within the first 5 minutes of trying somewhere new occurs then you are a slippery slope. Our waiter was lovely but box fresh and just unfortunate that he was put on a food bloggers table.
After a few days i came round to thinking that actually the food was really good although i was not overwhelmed by the small plate option which they seem to pride themselves on. Take a chance maybe you will be luckier on the service.
The Riding House Cafe,43/53 Great Titchfield Street,London W1 0207 927 0840.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

And she had quail with aioli.
St John Bread and Wine.
And I had this very beautiful ham and pea soup which was sensational.
St John Bread and Wine.
I had Artichoke Vinaigrette which was thick and very mustardy and i wished i had kept it on the table to smother over their wonderful bread.
St John Bread and Wine.
Supper at 6 at St John Bread and Wine with the owner of the amazing legs as seen in background was just perfect. She had Kohlrabi and Samphire salad.
St John Bread and Wine,94 Commercial Street,London E1 6LZ. 0203 301 8069.
Lantana my saviour and back again for an early lunch to avoid the crowds. Trout/Watercress/Poached Egg/New Potatoes in a horseradish mayonnaise. Oh with a side of broccoli and sugar snap salad and chick pea and chorizo salad. Excellent and why not try this one at home?
Lantana,13 Charlotte Place,London W1T 1SN.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Pho my saviour for those days when your feeling a little run down and you just dont know what you fancy eating but you know you want something so so tasty.Vietnamese Spicy chicken soup. Please note it does come with fresh mint, bean shoots and fresh chopped red chili i just could not wait.
Pho 163/165 Wardour Street,London W1F 8WN.
Another documentary moment. This desert was the talk of the table at a dinner given for the incredible Mr Michael Clark at the Tate Modern last night. The description was far more intriguing than the desert itself. May I present to you 'The Deconstructed Snickers Bar'??????????
Why oh why did we not follow through the decadence of the starters to the deserts?? Madeleines with Apricots and Marscapone.
The Dock Kitchen.
Red Chicken roasted in Mastiha,Pomegranite and cardomom.
The Dock Kitchen.
Lemon Sole with Sumac and Lemon and Tahini sauce. Not a very Photogenic dish but a taste sensation.
The Dock Kitchen.
Back at the Dock to celebrate Fayseys Birthday. I have to admit that on my last visit to the kitchen i went for the regional tasting menu which did not blow me away but i felt that things were totally back on track, we were so stuck on choosing starters we went for all four. Wild Sea Trout, Tomatoes in Pomegranite Molasses, Deep Fried Arretti and brown shrimp,Clams and Samphire.
Now you are understanding the dilemma.
The Dock Kitchen,344 Ladbroke Grove,London W10 5BU. 44208 962 1610.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Black Chocolate Sorbet. Excuse the lump taken out and imperfection of the photograph just couldn't wait.
7 Portas. Barcelona.
Seafood Paella. No need to describe. I will leave it to you to imagine.
7 Portas.
In season huge white juicy asparagus with various sauces.
7 Portas.
Oh I love Barcelona.Oh i love this restaurant.7 Portes. The doors opened 175 years ago and it is still hugely popular. It serves typical Catalonian cuisine specialising in Paella.I sat in a seat with a tiny gold plaque behind me with the delicate name inscribed of Eva Gardner. You really cant get much better than that on a warm Saturday afternoon. Life can be so incredible.
7 Portes.Passeig d'Isabel 11 08003 Barcelona. 933 193 033.
When in Toulouse one could find themselves being served a food extravaganza such as this!!!!I actually very much doubt it but it had to be documented, i could not quite believe my eyes. The brief to the chef was nothing too heavy and not too many courses which would explain all three on one plate.
Apricot tart with a berry coulis. Why do i love writing that word?
La Rotisserie Du Beaujolais.
Here i am back at one of my favourite restaurants in Paris La Rotisserie du Beaujolais. It took a lot for me to wander from the roast chicken and mashed potatoes but what a risk well worth taking. The Coq au vin was out of this world with boiled potatoes. Finding new words to describe food is getting quite difficult but i feel this one could work 'Majestic'.
La Rotisserie Du Beaujolais,19 Quai de Tournelle,75005 Paris. 33143 541747.
May i introduce to you Gusto. A fantastic cafe hidden on Westbourne Park Villas. Typical home made and they really are home made italian dishes from fresh seasonal salads to spaghetti meatballs and
delectable breakfasts and coffee. Lots of places to sit outside so perfect when the sun is shining. Poached Eggs on spinach with Speck.
Gusto. 97 Westbourne Park Villas W2 5ED.
Flattened Chocolate cake with Marscapone Ice Cream.
The River Cafe.
Roast Lamb cooked with anchovies,roast beets and spinach with a side of roast potatoes with rosemary.
The River Cafe.
I have not been to the River Cafe for a long time not because of the quality of the food but because of the prices. I have been trying to avoid restaurants that you cannot eat for less than £100 for two but... how on earth can resist when you are cycling by on a warm sunday afternoon?
Salmon baked in Salt with broad beans and lentils and a salsa verde. Need i say more.
The River Cafe.Thames Wharf,Rainville Road,London W6 9HA. 0207 386 4200.