Wednesday, 27 October 2010

If you are a meat eater i am sure that you would admit that a good spaghetti bolognese is very difficult to turn down especially on a miserable day like today so when my friend Mr Mackie texted and said lets meet at Da Paolo i knew what was on his mind.
A fellow foodie who is constantly keeping me in the loop of his restaurant visits and home cooking also knows that Da Paolo is home to this king of dishes. This dish holds a slight Taboo ... if you are with a bunch of people and its on the menu everyone is salivating over the thought of it but will never go there and opt for something much more Modern. Can anyone tell me where to find a good chicken Kiev?????????
PS.Salad does not get a mention due to the Balsamic syrupy drizzle.
Da Paolo, 3 Charlotte Place,London W1T 1SD. 44207 580 0021.

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