Monday, 6 August 2012

How can this Happen?

Although i was thrilled to get to go to the Olympics and witness the unbelievable Athletes and try and understand what an incredible machine the human body is I left the Olympic Park very very angry. The main food option was McDonalds. All other food stalls were nondescript and covered away under insignificant tents with hardly any signage of what was being sold. Fish n chips, sandwiches and disgusting coffee and waffles. Isn't it tragic that the government are heralding this event as inspiring for the children of today to keep fit and stay healthy and then Mcdonalds is the main provider of food for all the millions of people that visit the Olympic Park. What a disappointment. I like many other people that visited the Park left hungry if you enjoy eating and putting good ingredients into your body you have no option. I have not even started on Coca Cola.

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