Wednesday, 3 November 2010

I am quite baffled by this little cafe....i have eaten breakfast in there a few times perfectly fried eggs with toasted brioche and delicious coffee but it is always quite quiet. Why???? I dont know because it is one of the most delicious and special places i have come across in a long long time. I am also angry that i did not find out more of the history while i was there. All cakes and breads are made on the premises which also amazes me as the place is so tiny. The staff are like scientists putting the food together and they are passionate about everything they serve even the explanations of the teas that are available. Now i think i have one answer everyone cooking and serving are Japanese hence the incredible attention to detail and the perfection of the presentation.
It was truly a delightful meal.
lanka,71 regents Park Road,London NW1.

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